Why I Blog?

Day 148


It was the afternoon after church, I noticed my cell phone had an unread text message.

“Funny”, I told myself, “I didn’t hear the text message alert”.

I quickly opened the message and it read “Newsletter article on your blog for newsletter asap”, it was from our pastor, Pastor Glen.

It was half past three but the message said it was sent at 1pm. Oh well, I replied back and asked what  he meant. PG called right up and told me I needed to write an article regarding my blogs.

“Okay”, I asked “How long?” He said “50 to 75 words”. I said “Okay.”, without really thinking how short that would have to be.

Later, I started to type up the article. Okay, most people who knew me would probably have no idea that I write. And most people would add I don’t talk much either. But don’t ask my wife, as she will tell you that no, most times nobody can shut him (me) up. Well I know, when I’m in the groove hardly anything can stop me.

But yes, I am not much of a talker. And of course, because as most of you know (or don’t know), English is not my main language.

But here I am trying desperately to communicate in what could be the de facto language of the world. And I pray that you are able to understand.

Now going back to the article that I wrote, I sat down, breathed heavily, said a little prayer and I typed and I typed and I typed. And before I knew it, it was up to over 500 words and not even close to the end. And pastor said it was supposed to be 50 or so words. Now come to think of it, nobody can write anything with 50 words.

So what did I do?

I finished the article and posted it on my website: here is the link: Preaching In The New Millennium?

And now I had to write a second article which is what you have just read. And this one is roughly 300 words.

If you are interested on what should have been the original 50 word article, check out the link. And have a blessed day!


Now I need to write that 50-75 word article, that is, if I can keep it that short.

2 thoughts on “Why I Blog?

  1. 50-75 words is SHORT! Many people’s “About” page is basically a short paragraph about why they write, so you might have some luck just reading other people’s “About’s” and then getting inspiration from that.

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