Day 146- Entry for June 03, 2009

Is It One of Those Days?

“… if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation…” From the Book of Corinthians [NIV]

Have you ever had one of those days?

Not one of those.

But, one of these.

You don’t get huh?

Anyway, there are days and nights that I just want to be able to drive thru an automated high-tech carwash but specifically built for humankind.

One wherein we can come in (walk thru) one end smelling, looking and feeling old, filthy and dirty and then out the other end smelling factory fresh & all brand new, looking sparkling clean and feeling like a million dollars.

Yes, like being granted your biggest & greatest & most improbable wish, perhaps by a genie or an enchanted creature in an instant.

Yes, like being set free and found not guilty in all counts of multiple charges brought against you by multiple people at multiple times of your life.
Yes, like receiving the largest lump sum check lottery prize in all of recorded history.

Yes, like being reborn.

And then I can only ask myself… what if? What if?

So, ever had one of those days?

Yes, what if?

Because, some days I think about the things that I have done that I know that I shouldn’t have done. And then I think about the things that I should have done but I just did not do them.

Some days I think about the missed opportunities that I didn’t grab (while that small window was open & have since been completely closed shut on me). Some days I think about the decisions that I put off and that I should have made but did not do.

Some days, I wish I can go on a time machine and travel back in time–back to a time & a place and just start over and do the right thing.

You know, back to where I now know that I can change the outcome of the direct result of what I failed to do which I should have done (or what I did which I should not have done). Yes, all those what shoulda, woulda, coulda beens.

Yes, starting over, starting clean, starting fresh, starting anew.

Spotless. Guiltless.

I know… wishful thinking.

But I guess if there is a God, only He can do such a thing.

And even though I know that He already did, I still cannot bring myself to get it sometimes that such an awesome God would do that for me–me, the often time stubborn, stiff-necked, rebellious, lazy, indifferent, pedestrian, tasteless, tactless, inconsiderate, irrational and foolish me.

But then again, if God is God, He knows me better than myself. So I guess by some heavenly cosmic reasoning that I cannot yet fathom & I doubt if I would ever would, He did that for me (and more).

And so today, just like one of those days–I am thinking about the human carwash, the enchanted creature, the judge, the biggest lottery prize, the time machine, God and the fool that I am.

And today as I do, I can only reflect about one thing.

And that I should realize that it is not all about me, but that it’s all about Him–the God (the Supreme Being) who made (you and) me.

Have you?

It’s a new day.

Come & seize it.

[God will be God, whether we believe Him or not. Truth will always be
truth, regardless if we doubt it or not. Our dreams will remain as
dreams if we don’t act upon it. And our uncertainties will always be
uncertainties if we do not do anything to tip the balance either way.]

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